BBSRC Project Grant Award

In February 2016 BBSRC awarded a research project grant to Prof. Peter Nixon (PI, Imperial College), Prof. Conrad Mullineaux (QMUL), Dr. Tracy Lawson (Essex), and Dr Christopher Duffy (QMUL).


The collaborative project Role of phosphorylation in the maintainance of photosystem II inplanrs will combine techniques in plant genetics, biochemistry, fluorescence spectroscopy, electron microscopy and theoretical biophysics to study repair processes in photosystem II of plants. We aim to increase human understanding of photosythesis is maintained and regulated in land plants.

Leverhulme Project Grant Award

In November 2015 the Leverhulme Trust awarded Dr Duffy a research grant for the project Carotenoids in light harvesting: A general molecular theory.  

Building on the lab's novel theoretical work we aim to formulate a general molecular theory of the multiple functions of the carotenoid pigments in natural and artificial light-harvesting. Using a combination of quantum chemistry, energy transfer theory and molecular dynamics we will establish the theoretical basis to predict how intrinsic molecular and environmental factors define the diverse and flexible functionality of these pigments in lightharvesting. Although fundamental in nature, it will provide the theoretical tools necessary for the rational design and optimization of future light-harvesting solar energy technologies.

Contact Information

Dr Christopher Duffy

Lecturer in Cellular and Molecular Biology

School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Queen Mary University of London

Mile End

London E1 4NS


Tel: +44 (0)20 7882 8006


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